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really enjoyed this book

The Mating of Michael - Eli Easton

I really wasn't aware of sex surrogacy but after reading this book, I am full of respect for those who work in this capacity, for it is a difficult one.  Michael, the RN who also was a sex surrogate, showed love and compassion to his patients, putting them ahead of himself.  It was his compassion and love that resonated with James, the man in the book who had his on physical and emotional difficulties to overcome, and their pairing was not overdone, and turned out beautifully.  At first, and in some parts of the book, it was difficult to like James, because of how he reacted to situations, but he was so hurt from the past, and felt so alone, he was realistic and a person you want to just shower love upon.  And MIchael, my heart rooted for him, as he struggled to show love and caring for his patients, yet wanted to find his own true life love.  It was the first Sex in Seattle book that I've actually read, and I really enjoyed it!!